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ΜοντέλοΦωτογραφίαΕλάχιστη Τιμή € (ενδεικτ.)Μέγιστη Τιμή € (ενδεικτ.)Μέγιστη απόσταση (m)Μέγιστος χρόνος πτήσης (minutes)Headless ModeAltitude HoldFlipsGimbalGPSGLONASSCollision AvoidanceScreen Size (Inches)Max Speed (mph)FPV ResWeight (g)Intell. FlightMax PhotoMax Video ResMax Video FPSFocal Length (mm)Diagonal Size (mm)
Xiaomi Mi Drone 4К480710200027ΝαιΝαιΝαιΝαιΝαι181376Ναι4000×30003840×2160p 30 fps1920×1080p 60 fps
Syma X5HW6070406ΝαιΝαιΝαιΌχιΌχιΌχιΌχι-640x480640x480640x480
Syma X8HG150170 706ΝαιΝαιΝαιΌχιΌχιΌχιΌχι-3264x24481280x720
Syma X11 Hornet30407ΌχιΌχιΝαιΌχιΌχιΌχιΌχι-
Syma X203040
DJI Spark45065010016ΝαιΝαιΌχιΝαιΝαιΝαιΝαι-22300Ναι3968x29761920x1080 @30fps1920x1080 @30fps25170
DJI Mavic Pro-8001000700027ΝαιΝαιΌχιΝαιΝαιΝαιΝαι-40734Ναι4000x30004096x2160 @30fps1280x720 @120fps28335
DJI Phantom 412002000500028ΝαιΝαιΌχιΝαιΝαιΝαιΝαι-451280x7201380Ναι4000x30004096x2160 @25fps1980x1080 @120fps20350
DJI Inspire 1 Standard1750 6000500018ΝαιΝαιΌχιΝαιΝαιΝαι-492935Ναι4000x30004096x2160 @25fps1920x1080 @60fps22 - 77559
Yuneec Breeze 4k350 40012Ναι111280x7204160x31204096x216060
Yuneec Q500+ 4k750 85025ΝαιΝαιΌχι5.5181700Ναι4096x2160120
Yuneec Typoon
Yuneec Typoon
550 600
Parrot Bebop 2550 600200025ΝαιΌχιΌχιΝαιΝαιΌχι37500Ναι1920x1080 @30fps1920x1080 @30fps
Parrot AR Drone 2.0150 3505012ΌχιΌχιΌχιΌχι-4201280x720
Parrot Airborne60 100
Parrot Mambo100150
Hubsan X4 H501S20035030020ΝαιΝαιΌχιΝαιΌχιΌχι410Ναι1920x1080 @30fps1920x1080 @30fps311
Hubsan X4 H502S10015030013ΝαιΝαιΌχιΝαιΌχιΌχι147Όχι1280x720 @60fps1280x720 @60fps
Hubsan X4 H109
Hubsan X4 H107
  • Hazards / Site Selection
    • Check for wires / cables
    • Animals
    • People / bystanders
    • Property in the vicinity
    • Site is away from nonessential participants
    • Ability to maintain adequate buffer zones between aircraft and personnel;
    • Minimize departures and landings over populated areas
    • Take into account local topography, ensuring a visible line of sight towards the UAV at all times. Ensure the telemetry connection is not obstructed.
    • Investigate potential alternative landing sites in case take-off site is obstructed.
  • Psychological consideration (are you well rested, rushed, “get there-itis”, are you being pressured by client)
  • Weather considerations
    • Temperature
    • Visibility
    • Precipitation
  • Wind Speed
    • Upper winds / at altitude
    • Rotor (lee side of large objects)
  • Notify any bystanders or nearby property owners of your intentions (permission)
  • Discuss flight plan with your co-pilot or spotter
  • If flying in controlled airspace, have you notified airspace authority
    • NOTAMs
    • Can you reach authorities
    • Do you need to maintain communication?
  • First Aid Kit stocked, readily accessible and visible to anyone in the area.

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