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ΣμηΕΑ (Drone) σε ψεκασμό δέντρων στην Μαλαισία

by panos

Durian is about 10 $/kg in Malaysia, besides the expensive transport factor, the pesticide spraying work is also a big problem. MMC has received a customer who owns a durian land including around 400 durian trees, their pesticide spraying work is twice every month, one worker takes 5 days to complete a full range of spraying, but neither the working nor spraying efficiency is delightful.

To meet different spraying demand, this customer has decided to buy two MMC agricultural drones- SWIFT, one with fog spraying system, the other is standard spraying system. He is a brilliant businessman with the creative and forward idea because he is planning to develop the whole profit of the two drones by selling this spraying service to other farmers, if he succeeds, he will invest more into the agricultural drone business.


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