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Η Αστυνομία της Καλιφόρνια προμηθεύτηκε σύστημα αποτροπής ΣμηΕΑ

by panos

As counter-drone explodes into a multi-billion-dollar industry, police agencies are taking advantage of the new tech to neutralize rogue UAVs that threaten emergency situations. In California, the Oceanside Police Department has obtained an “anti-drone gun” to stop and land errant drones. As drone use grows, many public agencies and companies are seeking anti-drone solutions to stop drones from flying over restricted or unsafe locations such as wildfire zones, nuclear power plants, prisons and airports. Yorba Linda defense contractor IXI Technology donated its $30,000 Drone Killer to the OPD – a rifle-like device that uses RF frequency jamming and control disruption systems to force an unauthorized UAV to land where it hovers or return to home base where the violator can be tracked and arrested.


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